Amy Thelen

With a dynamic career spanning over 15 years in the technology industry, I have consistently demonstrated my passion for innovation, leadership, and personal growth. Throughout this journey, I’ve had the privilege of spending 5 years in leadership roles, steering teams towards success through my strategic vision and collaborative approach .While the majority of my career has been spent in tech, I’ve recently joined the family business at American Kids Sports Center.

As a devoted mother to very energetic three-year-old twins, I’ve mastered the art of balancing the demands of parenthood with the fast-paced world of my career. My ability to manage time, prioritize effectively, and stay resilient in the face of challenges has not only strengthened my leadership skills but also showcased my unwavering dedication to both my family and my career.

Outside of the office, I thrive as an athlete, channeling the same determination and discipline that fuel my professional achievements into my physical pursuits. Whether it’s golf, strength training, tennis or pickleball, my athletic endeavors provide me with a sense of balance and empowerment that carries over into every facet of my life.

With my unique background, it’s as if I was meant to land at American Kids Sports Center all along. I am driven by a desire to continuously learn, inspire those around me, and leave an indelible mark on both our athletes and our leadership.