General Session: Trailblazer: Keep Going and Travel Light

Jennifer Pharr Davis is an internationally recognized adventurer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. This is Jennifer’s story in her voice – the one that she hiked 14,000 miles to find. It is the journey of a record setter, mother, and business owner who faces setbacks, wrestles insecurities, and relentlessly pursues her goals – one step at a time.

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Pharr Davis

Owner Track Session: Creating an A+ Customer Service Experience for Your Swim Families and Team Members

Who is more important in the long run: the customer or your team? The answer is…BOTH. Customer service is extremely important at your facility but do not forget to provide support and to take care of your team. Providing A+ customer service comes down to hiring great team members, training, and implementing programs that work for your business. How do you successfully balance standing behind your team while also providing excellent service to your customers?

Speaker: Emily Smith

Staff Session: The Aquatic Classroom: Child Development, Why We Do What We Do

La Petite Baleen has always strived to stay “” cutting edge”” when it comes to best teaching/learning practices. Swim schools are a key place to not only teach water safety but to enhance brain development through gross motor activities in water, which is protective of the very youngs’ bodies, and for parents to learn more about their child.

We want our communities to understand we are more than just ‘swim lessons’. We teach LIFE SKILLS through a child’s physical world: how to accept failure as well as winning, good listening skills, positive interactions with peers, true grit, resilience and persistence as outcomes.

Speaker: Irene Madrid, Liesl Taner, Julie Bugler

Owner Session: Take the Lonely out of Leadership!

Take the Lonely out of Leadership-Building a Culture for Developing Leaders Do you often feel like you are on a desert island all alone without a leadership team?In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore what skills and experiences young potential leaders can benefit from to help them grow into the leaders you want and need in your organization.

Speaker: Robin Eisenberg

Staff Session: DIY Mentoring Program

Walk away from this session with the necessary tools to develop a full fledged mentoring program for your swim school. The presentation will include suggestions on appropriate timelines for mentorship, important topics to integrate into your mentor program and how to help your mentee toward career development and possible advancement.

Speaker: Devan Tovar

Owners Roundtable

Enjoy small group conversations based on the following topics:

  • Goal Setting: What are you measuring in 2024 and why? KPI’s, Rocks, Goals, etc.
  • How to organize tools and processes. Consolidating information with digital tools
  • How are you using AI in your business?
  • Marketing: In House, Outsourced, or a Combo and why?
  • Improving Team Communication: As staffing climate changes, how are we improving on the culture of communication

Staff Roundtable (offered twice)

Enjoy small group conversations based on the following topics:

    • Engaging/fun staff training ideas
    • Parent communication
    • Staff appreciation
    • Neurodivergent students
    • Tracking student’s progress
    • Performance reviews
    • Having the “difficult” conversations with staff
    • Tackling separation anxiety with parents
    • Mentor Programs

In Water Session (offered twice): Conquering your Stroke Development: Starting with Instructors

This presentation highlights the importance of continued (or even sometimes initial) development of a swim instructor’s knowledge of stroke mechanics, to best trickle that knowledge down to the students we teach, but also how we can facilitate that training through changing up our approach to in-services! This presentation is in water, where we will be diving into the main challenges people face when learning each stroke, and practicing drills to help with those corrections, while also mimicking an in-service set up that you can use with your own staff. After the presentation there will be a takeaway in-service template with what we did as an example.

Speaker: Madison Rivoir

Owner Session: No Money, No Mission: Cost Control in Swim Schools

Costs matter. Swim school owners recognize this when starting their ventures, but, as their businesses grow, it becomes more difficult to watch over every penny spent. But out-of-control expenses can quickly affect the quality of operations and company culture owners work so hard to build, not to mention the long-term value of the business. Remember, quality and profitability aren’t at odds with each other—you must be financially healthy and thriving to provide excellent instruction and safety practices. It’s not just a mission, it’s a business!

Join HINGE Advisors CEO and financial guru Kathy Ligon for an interactive session discussing healthy spending tactics and increasing value for your swim school. Kathy will share her coveted financial benchmarking model and demonstrate what the average financially healthy school looks like, and how that parlays into business and real estate values.

Speaker: Kathy Ligon

General Session: The Cost of Doing Nothing

This presentation discusses the importance of having comprehensive safety and security plans for your swim school.  Guy will give you immediate take-aways  for what you can do now to help keep your school safe.

Keynote Speaker: Guy Beveridge

Owner Session: Leading Confidently Through Crisis

A step-by-step strategy to expose, manage, and prevent risk (crisis) from affecting your people, your brand, and your bottom line.

Speaker: Guy Beveridge

Staff Session: Take Ongoing Staff Training to the Next Level

Does the concept of Self-Directed Staff Training intrigue you? Is it even possible? Why would you initiate a program of Self-Directed Learning (SDL) and where would you start? Can SDL be integrated with your existing training? Join us for a look at the brave new world and apps that are available! This session is for owners, managers, or instructors at any level.

Speaker: Frank Sahlein

General Session: How Could We Have Been So Stupid?

How Embracing Your Stupidity Fosters An Innovation-Focused Organization.

We love learning that our current way of doing things is stupid because that means we have just discovered a smarter, easier way for it to be done. Our goal is to have you join us in embracing the How Could We Have Been So Stupid Movement.

Takeaways You Can Count On:

How to embrace your stupidity. – Identify the issues

How to fix your stupidity – Two focuses for innovation and implementation

Stupidity in remission – Innovations we have implemented at our school

Stupidity action plan – Workshop on how to start tackling stupidity around your school.

Speaker: Casey Del Prete, Arin Williams

Owner Session: Owning Your Week – Taking Time Management to the Next Level

Do you ever feel like the it’s Friday and you haven’t accomplished a single thing this week? Do the finish a non-stop day only realize you really haven’t completed anything you planned on getting done? In this interactive seminar, I will help you identify what is eating up your days, your weeks, your months and your years, and how to make way for the most productive year of your life. We will take time management to the next level, and you will leave with a working calendar that will change the way you operate, and what you can get done. I guarantee you will leave with a better sense of balance and a refreshed mindset.

Speaker: Dan Berzansky

Staff Session: Use Proven Skills from Behavioral Therapy to Improve Relationships with Staff, Students and Parents

Learn some of the basic skills from a branch of behavioral therapy called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which focuses on behavior change, instead of rehashing the past. Implementing DBT in the workplace can enhance employee well-being, improve relationships, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

  • Mindfulness techniques that can help students and employees focus and reduce stress.
  • How to better tolerate strong emotions. This can help manage stressful work situations, and can also enhance teaching effectiveness, especially in support of fearful swim students.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness techniques that can help resolve conflicts with employees and parents.

Speaker: Jennifer May

General Session: Dreamers vs. Doers: Bridging the Gap for Action

In this session, participants will delve into the intricacies of the Dreamer-Doer dynamic, gaining insights into the unique strengths of each role. We’ll touch on the visionary mindset of dreamers and the practical approach of doers. The session will emphasize the crucial aspects of implementing change within organizations, including the importance of cultivating a balanced team, clear communication, and empowering action. Practical strategies for executing ideas, building a dream-doing culture, and the leadership’s pivotal role in bridging creativity and execution. Participants will learn about balancing creativity and productivity, fostering continuous improvement, and measuring success. Ultimately, the session aims to equip individuals with the tools and insights needed to sustain motivation, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful impact in their professional endeavors.

Speaker: Amy Thelan