Aquamentor is committed to constantly improving our various lines of products for the lifeguard, water safety and swim accessory fields. We hold a number of patents in all three areas. Our best-known patented product is the ExoTube®, (U.S. Patent No. 6,475,047) which is the longest-lasting and most durable rescue tube to hit the market since the invention of the rescue tube 80 years ago. We began manufacturing the ExoTube® ourselves in 2012, and continue to innovate and create new lifesaving and swim products out of our NJ facility. My father Sam was an ocean lifeguard and swim teacher for twenty years, and I continue our lifesaving and swim tradition as an open water ocean swimmer myself. When we create our products, we do it from the unique perspective that comes with being intimately involved with pool and ocean rescue techniques, and what lifeguards/swim teachers need to perform at their best.

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