Neptune Benson, Evoqua

Evoqua Water Technologies has a long history of providing exceptional water quality solutions to commercial and competitive pools across the globe. Our Neptune-Benson and Wallace & Tiernan® brands have been providing the best in water filtration and disinfection for over 150 years.

The high bather loads associated with commercial and competitive pools can easily overwhelm traditional methods of filtration and disinfection. Regenerative Media Filtration is the most efficient filtration technology available, saving significant water consumption while reducing operating costs and improving water quality. Ultraviolet disinfection is proven and validated to improve water safety, reducing the usage of chemicals while protecting your bathers against chlorine tolerant pathogens like Cryptosporidium and other Recreational Waterborne Illnesses (RWI’s).

With over 20,000 installations, Neptune-Benson and Evoqua’s portfolio of aquatic water treatment solutions are designed to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s water quality and safety requirements. Speak to one of our water specialists today for your free cost savings audit and analysis.

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