Raw Office

The usswimsupplies.com offers USSSA members FREE shipping for purchases over $75.00, PLUS a 10% Discount.

The USSSA is proud to collaborate with The Raw Office Inc. to help swim schools ensure a safe working environment for their staff and students. This collaboration is focused on supplying swim school members with environmentally friendly office supplies, certified PPE, and janitorial supplies at attractively priced to be lower than Amazon and Staples.

The website is managed by the Raw Office which is a certified B Corp company who is disrupting the market for office supplies for large corporations and small businesses. The Raw Office helps businesses save money, control costs and be more eco-friendly with its 100% carbon neutral supply chain and Artificial Intelligence powered ordering platform.

Visit: usswimsupplies.com and use code USSWIM10 for a 10% discount at checkout.

If you need to contact customer support for the website store please reach out to Raw Office at: 855-335-4996 or Support@therawoffice.com.

Email: Support@therawoffice.com
Site URL: https://usswimsupplies.com/