Take Command Health

We know how tricky it is to navigate health insurance benefits for your swim schools, instructors and staff. Take Command Health
makes it easy and their team has been great to work with. Powerful new HRAs simplify the process of providing health insurance and provide you with peace of mind. Say goodbye to complicated group plans. As the HRA experts, we handle everything your employees need to get insurance. We’ll support them all the way through the process, handling all the details and regulatory needs to free you up to actually enjoy providing insurance.

20% off in partnership with US Swim School Association, No setup fees. No long-term contracts.

You can learn more about our partnership with Take Command Health and schedule a time to speak
with one of their team members here.

Email: support@takecommandhealth.com
Site URL: www.takecommandhealth.com/usswimschoolassociation