Education for Association Members

The core purpose of the US Swim School Association is to provide resources to assist our members in achieving their goals in the learn-to-swim industry.  The US Swim School Association offers educational courses through our online learning management system.  There are also numerous workshops that take place at our Spring Conference and Annual Conference each year.  The association also offers Virtual Workshops throughout the year.


US Swim School Association Webinars

You will have access to regular webinars dedicated to your learn-to-swim business.

Infant-Toddler Course

The US Swim School Association’s Infant Toddler Instructor Education Program is for professionals involved in aquatic programs for children 6 months to 36 months in age. This program encourages comfort, confidence and success without trauma for teaching swimming to children under the age of 3.


Special Abilities Course

The US Swim School Association’s Special Abilities Training Course has been developed for aquatic professionals to better understand students who may have learning challenges. This course is designed to educate the aquatic professional how to instruct the “Special Ability” student to be successful in the aquatic environment by focusing on their abilities, while understanding their disabilities.


Preschool Instructor Course

A world class learn to swim course for instructors that teach preschool children, ages 3-5. This course includes the topics of Introduction to Preschool Instruction, Science of Swimming, Preschool Skills, Preschool Safety, and Purposeful Play.


Play with Purpose

Explore how PLAY impacts lessons, instructors and the learn-to-swim business. Discover different forms of PLAY for different age groups and how to broaden your awareness to obtain positive results including happy children, happy parents and job security.


Movement & Brain Development Course

The US Swim School Association’s Movement & Brain Development Online Course investigates the hidden power of movement and its implications in a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. The course will explore basic brain development and its connection to movement.


Certification Program

Certified Fundamental Swim Instructor is a professional certification for swimming instruction professionals. The Certified Fundamental Swim Instructor credential signifies that an individual has passed an examination that has been designed to meet stringent certification industry standards and best practices. USSSA grants limited permission to individuals who have met the certification eligibility criteria, passed the exam, and received notification of certification from USSSA to use the Certified Fundamental Swim Instructor (CFSI) designation that has been granted to them.