Legislative Priorities

  1. Any learn to swim/swim school regulation applies to all learn to swim programming and all bodies of water where swimming is taught.
  2. Standards for learn-to-swim are attainable and easy to follow with support from a variety of stakeholders within learn to swim. USSSA Standards are a good place to start when establishing standards.
  3. Any training or national certifications required of swim instructors include the USSSA Certified Fundamental Swim Instructor as an approved option, among other national certifications such as the American Red Cross WSI™, Starfish Aquatics Institute Water Safety Educator/Swim Instructor, and YMCA Swim Instructor Training Program.
  4. Legislation aligns with the National Water Safety Action Plan recommendations.

Legislative Statements

USSSA Stance on Swim Lessons for Babies, Toddlers and Children

USSSA Infant Toddler Guidelines

USSSA Stance on Treatment of Children in Swim Lessons

United States Swim School Association Response to American Academy of Pediatrics

Basic Swimming Definition

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The Benefits of Swimming and Water Safety skills in Drowning Prevention

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