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The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) is a non-profit association that began to fill a need in the swim school industry. We bring passionate learn-to-swim programs across the country and around the world together to support better, safer swim schools. We focus on providing a community for swim school owners and operators, as well as business resources, best practices, and industry connections.

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Qualifying for Membership

A member must be either a Swim School, a business, an organization, an individual practitioner, or a former swim school owner engaged in or serving the aquatics education industry.

Members that teach swim lessons must agree to and adhere to the Membership Standards. New members that offer swim lessons have up to one year from joining to reach these standards. USSSA offers support and services to assist a swim school in reaching these standards. Contact our office for details. 

Tiered membership categories include:

  • Swim School Members (voting) 

A “Swim School” is defined as a for-profit business enterprise organized for the purpose of teaching swimming at any age. A Swim School Member shall be a Swim School either in the United States or Internationally.

  • Former Swim School Owners or Retired (voting)

A Former Swim School Owner Member will be an individual that formerly owned a Swim School.

  • International Non-Voting Members (non-voting)

An International Non-Voting Member shall be a Swim School located outside of the United States that does not join under the Swim School Members class.

  • Next Gen Members (non-voting)

A Next Gen Member shall be an individual looking to start or has just started a Swim School within the last 11 months. This membership class is only eligible for renewal for up to two (2) years. After two (2) years as a Next Gen Member, Next Gen Members are required to apply for membership as a Swim School Member.

  • Aquatics Education Organizations (non-voting)

An Aquatics Education Organization is any organization that is not a Swim School as defined above but is organized for the purpose of teaching swimming and/or water safety at any age.

By joining, Member acknowledges that entry into this Member Release and Indemnification (“Release”) is in exchange for the value and benefit of services received through membership in United States Swim School Association (“USSSA”), and confirms understanding and agreement with this release.

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