In the United States alone, there are:
  • More than eight million people with visual impairments.
  • More than seven million people who are hearing impaired.
  • More than two million people who have seizures or epilepsy.
  • Almost twenty million people who are mobility-impaired.
Keep in mind, these numbers only apply to those who have reported chronic disabilities. Often, disabilities are under-reported.
USSSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with UserWay. They have created an easy to use Accessibility Widget that helps ensure ADA compliance without having to rebuild your website. And USSSA members get 5% off, contact our office for the discount code. To get started CLICK HERE.
Utilizing the UserWay Accessibility Widget will:
Give everyone an equal opportunity to use your website
  • With the UserWay AI-powered accessibility solutions, all swim families are able to navigate and learn more about what you have to offer.
Enhance Accessibility
  • Make your website accessible to all, fix accessibility violations and enable a tailored experience with user-triggered enhancements.
Bring your website into WCAG and ADA Compliance
  • Get fully compliant with the top standards.
Get you a Guaranteed Accessibility Statement
  • Generate an accessibility statement and pass audit with guaranteed success. Show the world that your website is accessible to all and mitigate the legal risks for your swim school.
Help you Stay Compliant
  • The real-time AI stays on top of all the new pages you create, ensuring compliance for the present and the future.
Provide FREE Complaint & Demand Letter (CDL) Support
  • Any existing UserWay AI Widget customer who subscribed prior to receiving any demand letter and/or any type of legal action, is eligible for CDL Program assistance at no additional cost. Don’t wait until you receive a complaint or lawsuit, when it will cost you $6,000 – $9,000 for these services.
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