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The United States Swim School Association believes in the importance of life-long water safety, equipping individuals of all ages with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in aquatic environments. We bring together passionate people to share and inspire one another in support of better, safer swim school businesses. Over the past 35 years, the United States Swim School Association has grown to become the experts in learn-to-swim. We are proud to represent all learn-to-swim programs – from private swim schools, businesses, and city aquatic departments – all have a place in the USSSA.

Who We Serve:

USSSA represents over 500 swim schools from the US and around the world, who teach over 8 million swim lessons per year. We are a swim school business focused network of decision makers. This group has a loyalty-based relationship culture and sponsoring with us offers exponential sales opportunities.

  • USSSA Members Sell Nearly Half a Million $ Retail Sales to swim families
  • USSSA Members Employ Over 17,000


We offer multiple opportunities to reach your target audience. We have a quarterly magazine, Ready, Set, Swim now fully digital. We send out a monthly e-newsletter full of essential association news and informative articles as well as a quarterly e-news for instructors titled Ready, Set, Teach. We are active on Facebook and Instagram and also have a blog on our website.

Social Media Reach

Advertising Reach

  • Ready, Set, Swim Quarterly Magazine – Electronically distributed to over 1,790, via email blast, monthly e-news, as well as available for viewing on Issuu. Includes articles helpful to running a learn to swim business as well as articles on best practices in teaching swimming. | Half page and full page ads available.
  • USSSA Monthly E-News – Electronically distributed to over 615 with a consistent open rate of 58%. This e-newsletter is full of the latest association news and events, as well as news from around the industry. The monthly publication also includes articles on leadership and motivation as well as articles from our sponsors. | One ad available per issue.
  • USSSA Quarterly Ready, Set, Teach – Electronically distributed to over 2,000. This e-newsletter has information for employees as well as best practices in learn to swim instruction. | One ad available per issue.
  • Advertising on our Website – With over 7,100 page views a year, our Find a School page is a way to advertise to the public. Your ad will appear on this page of our website. Our events page is our second most popular page with the target audience of our members registering for events. Your ad will appear on the side bar.


USSSA is delighted to present your business with exceptional branding and marketing opportunities in 2024, aimed at expanding your outreach. Our extensive program is tailored to promote your company throughout the year, facilitating connections with a wider audience and cultivating new and existing business relationships.

We encourage you to review our comprehensive list of packages and offerings. Should you have any specific suggestions in mind, we are open to hearing them and incorporating them into our strategy.

We look forward to embarking on this journey of growth and development with you!

Sponsorship Program

Please note that our sponsorship opportunities are exclusively available to businesses with a sponsor agreement at either the Friend, Supporter, or Champion level. Exhibitors do not have access to this exclusive program. They do have the chance to showcase their products or services workshops and/or conferences, at an increased exhibiting fee, receive an attendees list, NOT a USSSA member list, and the chance to advertise in the USSSA Ready, Set, Swim magazine.

Have Questions?

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to working with you to create a win, win, win opportunity for you, the members, and USSSA. If you have any questions, please reach out to Lisa Zarda at lisa@usswimschools.org or 480-447-4987.

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